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By Martin Williams

Senior citizens tend to suffer from hearing loss as they get older. Not only can losing the ability to hear effectively create physical problems for older people, you may not know it but it can also lead to cognitive issues as well.          

As a senior citizen, have you considered using a hearing aid? Many older people prefer to forgo these electronic devices and learn to live with hearing loss. Doctors have recently determined that this is a poor choice for a few reasons and we’ll tell you the negatives and also share how hearing aids can benefit cognitive and physical health.

After you finish reading this, you may wonder where to get hearing aids in Southern Maine or your part of the country. Visit the office of a local hearing specialist in your community and they will happily point you in the right direction.

  1. Reduces Cognitive Decline Progression

After finding the right doctor for your hearing troubles, you may learn that leaving your hearing decline untreated can actually cause cognitive decline as well. This may seem far-fetched on the surface but it’s very true nonetheless.

Believe it or not, your brain and auditory system are closely related and work together hand-in-hand. There are a number of different studies showing that older adults, in particular, will suffer from cognitive decline due to untreated hearing loss.

In fact, they estimate that older adults will have a 30% to 40% chance of facing cognitive issues later on in life due to hearing failure. But all hope is not lost.

University of Colorado researchers has determined that cochlear implants and hearing aids can help reverse the damage. In fact, they will counteract hearing loss damage and help the brain begin functioning on a higher level once again.

  1. Lead a Better Social Life

Most people don’t think about health benefits and their connection with social interactions but they definitely exist. In fact, your ability to hear better is going to help you lead a much better and happier social life because you’ll actually hear what the people communicating with you are saying and life will get better.

It’s really stressful when you struggle with hearing loss. It makes communicating with other people incredibly difficult to say the least. But the deleterious effect that hearing loss has in your social life can really have a major negative impact.

As an older person, you’ll see that wearing a hearing aid will have a really positive impact on your social life and daily experiences. So instead of avoiding wearing a hearing aid because you’re embarrassed by it, just realize that it’s going to improve the quality of your life and health as soon as you begin to start hearing better.

  1. Reduce Your Tinnitus Related Symptoms

After overcoming the challenges of finding treatment options, you’ll now realize the value in wearing a hearing aid. This is especially true if you suffer from the unwanted side effects of tinnitus like ringing in the ears.

Believe it or not, it’s estimated that 50 million Americans suffer from tinnitus. It’s a high-pitched clicking or ringing noise that happens in the ears. More often than not, if you have tinnitus you also suffer from hearing loss.

To overcome this problem, you can get professional hearing aids that will reduce the tinnitus symptoms and also improve your hearing loss. It will correct your hearing troubles and make your life a lot more bearable once again after the dissatisfying clicking and ringing sounds are no longer bothering you as much because they are more muted and in the background.

Final Thoughts

Try to overcome the potential embarrassment of wearing a hearing aid because it provides tremendous benefits as you’ve just learned. Senior citizens should feel comfortable knowing that many other seniors are also wearing hearing aids to great benefit, so you will not be out of place wearing them in your ears as well.

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