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Misaligned and crook teeth don’t just look unpleasant and unsightly. They also make teeth cleaning difficult. Improperly cleaned teeth are more prone to cavities and dental decay, which leads to tooth or gum damage, or even bone loss. Teeth aligners or braces are made to perform teeth aligning function. However, traditional metal braces are unattractive, uncomfortable, and painful to wear. Adults can especially feel embarrassed to wear them while kids might also be bullied due to braces. Thanks to the advent of invisible aligners that have made the teeth aligning process much easier and non-embarrassing than ever before. 

A rundown of some reasons why you should opt for invisible aligners for your teeth is below.  

  1. Better Appearance:

One of the main considerations of the people who need orthodontic correction treatment is the appearance of the metal braces. They can make the wearers feel self-conscious as they are clunky, and some people may feel embarrassed to talk and smile when interacting on their social circle. Of course, you don’t want to feel that way. Some pediatric patients are teased by peers due to metal braces and are called ‘metal mouth.’ Metal braces are noticeable and make you look unattractive. They can also get food caught in them, which can become a flat out embarrassment for the wearer. On the other hand, invisible braces are barely noticeable, meaning that your appearance is not much affected while you are wearing them. 

2. Decreased Discomfort:

For most wearers, metal braces are uncomfortable because their brackets are raised that cause scrapes, rubbing, or even sores on the inner cheeks. Wires of the metal braces can also become loose that may poke your mouth, causing extreme discomfort. An invisible aligner has no brackets, wires, or other discomforting metal pieces. It is made of a lightweight, clear, and smooth plastic that feels highly comfortable in your mouth. Moreover, they are removable which means you can remove it for a while when you have to eat something. 

3. Improved Oral Hygiene:

It is difficult to clean, brush, and floss when you have metal braces. It can be challenging to brush between the tangled wires. All of this adds to the oral sensitivity and tender feeling that comes from the metal braces. While an invisible aligner allows you to brush and floss your teeth properly, there is no excuse for poor oral hygiene throughout your teeth straightening treatment. You can remove your teeth aligner whenever you want to clean your teeth, helping you prevent cavities and other dental problems arising from poor oral hygiene. 

4. Boosted Self Confidence:

Another invaluable benefit of invisible aligners is that they give a boost to self-confidence. Teens that have crooked and misaligned teeth feel unattractive about themselves. Such adolescents are more likely to become depressed due to a lack of self-confidence and are more likely to get affected by the negative influences of their peers. Invisible aligners are inconspicuous. That is why an increasing number of teens are taking advantage of the invisible aligners. Teens who wear invisible braces feel a boost in their self-confidence and are less likely to suffer bullying because of their braces.