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Provided By: Lisa D

The endocannabinoid system in our body has a natural receptivity towards cannabinoids. Our body produces cannabinoids that help in regulating several brain and body functions. Marijuana has over 65 different cannabinoids, so external cannabinoids from marijuana are not something new to our system. Primarily, CBD and THC might work in a great way to heal our bodies. Looking at this potential., several scientists and researches are consistently working towards finding out the more and more health benefits of these compounds. 

Several studies suggest cannabis to be a powerful herb that can help heal many ailments. With the Legalisation of cannabis in many parts of the World, one can buy marijuana Canada or Cannabis Oil for medical as well as recreational purposes at any Cannabis dispensary. Let us discover one by one, how cannabis can turn out to be a game-changer in the medical field.  

  1. It is an amazing stress buster.

Nowadays, stress has become a common ailment. Work and peer pressure, social issues, financial constraints are a few factors that gradually add up to become stressors. As a result, a person may feel restless. Continued periods of stress can inflict major health issues on a person, which may include heart and nervous system dysfunctions. People undergoing minor stress, however, shy away from allopathy medicines as it may cause dependency, and may include some sedatives.  Marijuana can be a perfect alternative in such scenarios. As it can induce calmness by increasing GABA receptors. GABA are neurotransmitters that control overactivity in the brain and thus give a calming effect. Marijuana may bring a sense of balance and relaxation in your system without you feeling lethargic.

  1. It helps you keep fit. 

It is amazing to know how beneficial Marijuana can be in managing body weight. People usually gain weight from taking more calories than their body can burn. I CBD dominative marijuana strains can help an individual in getting satiety from food and hence prevent overeating. Cannabis concentrates also has anti-inflammation properties, thus it can help keep inflammation and bloatedness away from our digestive tract and help in better digestion, aiding weight management. Also, studies show that cannabis can help convert energy-storing white fat cells into brown fat cells. Brown cells help in fueling the body and thus may help in burning fat accumulations in our body.   

  1. It can make you happy and blissful

Many marijuana users report a feeling of happiness and bliss after a smoking or a vaping session. These feelings are legitimate as there is scientific evidence behind them. The THC component in marijuana combines with our CBD receptors to replicate the impact similar to one produced by the bliss molecules, anandamide in our body. Essentially, our body produces anandamide on-demand to maintain homeostasis or to regulate inflammation. One can induce similar bliss by ingesting marijuana externally. Also, the CBD compound in cannabis can help avoid the dissipation of this molecule. It does it by inhibiting enzymes that are responsible for breaking down this molecule. So the right marijuana strain can make you feel happy for a prolonged period of time. 


  1. It can soothe your everyday pain and inflammation.

You may get a muscle contraction at the gym or get a headache from traffic on your way back home, regardless of the situation, marijuana can help you relieve minor aches and pains easily. One can go for topical application of CBD oil, ointments, or balms or you can switch your regular painkillers with marijuana. However, to purchase medicinal marijuana in certain parts of the World, you need a prescription card from a marijuana practitioner. It comes in handy, especially if you are suffering from something like chronic back pain. Ask your expert for a recommendation before you plan to add it to your routine. While you are at it, investing in top-quality office chairs will also be useful for you, which will bring down the pain levels because of uncomfortable chairs in your office.

  1. It can help you sleep better.

Contrary to popular belief that marijuana brings high and pumped up feeling, it can also work the other way around and induce calmness and also help sleep better. Marijuana strains such as Indica relieve insomnia with its relaxing properties. The CBD component of cannabis is non-psychoactive and can help in reversing insomnia. It can help reduce daytime grogginess by improving sleep cycles. It can help in pain seizures and relax muscles thus inducing better sleep. With better sleep cycles and deep sleep, there are fewer dreams. So, it can come useful in treating people with post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD). It can reduce the chances of nightmares in PTSD patients, therefore along with other cognitive therapies, CBD can help people with intricate sleeping situations as well. One can also get outdoor marijuana seeds in 2020 and germinate them in their backyard to reap the benefits.

  The bottom line.

Marijuana shows a huge possibility of health benefits but it can bring some side-effects alongside. Long term use of marijuana can expose a person to anxiety and depression. The composition of marijuana is complex. While CBD compound brings about relaxation, THC in it is responsible for giving you a high. There are plenty of variations on the market. Therefore, it is very important to pick the right strain for yourself. If you want to go for non-psychoactive CBD for its medicinal value, it is crucial to figure out the right dosage for yourself.