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Clean Surgical Air: Beyond A Vaccine

Imagine if you will, you are a pathogen, a virus, a bacterium, or some other sort of particulate matter with the sole intention of ruining the day of a random human. Imagine also, that human works in an office with a Jade Air Purifier. As you’re floating aimlessly through the air due to a coworker sneezing, a sudden gravitational like pull from the Jade Air Purifier relentlessly forces you towards the machine. No matter, you’ve survived the human immune system, this air purifier should be a cakewalk…should be, but it’s not.

Air quality has been pushed to the forefront of health discussions. The COVID pandemic was a traumatic event that few saw coming, and because of that, we were woefully unprepared. Well, everyone except Clean Surgical Air CEO James Hiebert, who upon hearing the first whispers of a potential global infection, began to diversify his product lines. The headliner is without a doubt, the Jade Air Purifier.

As the virus has progressed, our regulations have progressed as well. OSHA 9330 now mandates that there must be six air exchanges per hour in the workplace and OSHA 1910 states that for businesses that don’t have the mandated six air exchanges, respirators must be worn in the workplace.


Clean Surgical Air wants to bring prosperity and peace of mind back to South Texas. They want to give business owners, employees, patients, clients, teachers, and students the confidence and assurance that it is safe to get back to doing their jobs. They want to not only combat the COVID virus but also the third and fourth-order effects, like depression, job loss, etc… that have begun to plague our communities.
What if one of the most effective things you could do, was simply clean the air? What if the knowledge that your air is cleaned six times per hour was enough for customers and clients to have peace of mind when doing business at your offices? What if you were proactive in getting a Jade Air Purifier?

Capture & Absorb PHASE Tech 1 & 2 HEPA RX & Activated Carbon
Now back to you, the pathogen. You’re floating around at a school or business with the Jade Air Purifier. You feel the pull, closer and closer, the Jade Air Purifier draws you in with its fans, you notice this is no ordinary, off the shelf air purification system. Its outer shell is made of steel, not plastic. You can hear the fan blades whirring as you’re sucked into the first stage of filtration. A HEPARx filter. As a pathogen, you have a .002% chance of surviving this first stage. The 99.998% efficiency rating is the best on the market today.
As you’re pulled towards the next stage, you wonder, which one of you will be next. The activated carbon filter is as imposing as it is effective, and several of your fellow pathogens are caught in its trap. Your numbers are dwindling.



Destroy & Kill Chamber with UVC+ light
The HEPARx and activated carbon filters have done their job. As a pathogen, you’re not entirely certain enough of you exist to infect or damage someone, even if all of you made it out past here, but the faint glimmer of flashing ultraviolet light in the distance sparks a new fear. As you and your fellow pathogens enter the UVC+ “kill chamber” with three pathogen eliminating technologies, you know the end is near.

As you float out of the UVC+ “kill chamber”, you wonder when this devastation will end. Have your numbers not been diminished enough? Your hope fades as the light of yet another chamber, this one a photocatalytic disinfectant chamber, looms ahead. As you enter the chamber you notice only five pathogens remain.
Businesses have failed, people have lost their entire life’s work due to this pandemic. There is, unfortunately, no rhyme or reason, some people got sick, others didn’t but were forced to close their doors forever. Decades of work, down the drain due to the fear and suffering caused by the COVID pandemic. Is this what you’d want for your community? To watch small businesses and good people lose everything they have, especially when an air purification system such as the Jade could prevent that fear, could destroy airborne pathogens…why wouldn’t you?
Sanitizing Electronic Photocatalytic, Hydroxyl Radicals
As you enter the chamber, certain pathogens begin binding with proteins. A light shines forth, using these now bound proteins as a targeting system. As the light hits the proteins, powerful hydroxyl radicals are created, and the pathogens are annihilated before your very eyes. How you survived this chamber you’ll never know. Only two of you left now…

Continuing your journey as a pathogen, with one other sole remaining pathogen next to you, panic begins to set in. You can’t do anything about it though, the fans continue to pull you both upwards towards the next chamber. You look at the pathogen next to you as you both entire the chamber. As hydroxyl radicals swarm the other pathogen you feel relief…. but wait you too, are swarmed. As well it turns out the kill chamber was too much for you and all your pathogen brothers…

Refresh the air with the Negative Ion Chamber
Viruses have been destroyed. You would assume that the work of an ordinary air purifier would be over once the air has been cleaned. But this is no ordinary Air Purifier, this is the Jade. No one wants just average. The Jade has one last feature that will make everyone breathe easier. The Negative Ion Chamber for refreshing the air.
Negative ions are odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules that we inhale in abundance in certain environments. Think mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. Once they reach our bloodstream, negative ions are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy. (Perez et al. 2013) (Gail et al. 1981)


Imagine now, that you didn’t get the Jade Air Purifier. Imagine that your clients notice. Imagine that OSHA notices. Imagine the peace of mind you will lose without the Jade Air Purifier.


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