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Hurricane Cleanup Tips Done Naturally

By Snowy Dysember, HHP (Holistic Health Practitioner)

Got Hurricane Harvey Cleanup? Or anytime house maintenance? Here are some healthy and natural tips: 

  • For Mold & Mildew turn to your essential oils, or jump into your kitchen for vinegar. Spray straight vinegar onto the mold and mildew, let it sit on the surface to allow the natural antimicrobial properties to take over, then wipe clean. Tea Tree, Clove, Thyme and/or Oregano oils can be added to a water-filled spray bottle then spray and allow to soak and then wipe clean.
  • New product Sticker Removal when you purchase a new product can be a sticky situation! The solution is to apply a small amount of Eucalyptus Globulous essential oil onto the sticker, allowing its solvent properties to work. Wipe and lightly scrape clean all the adhesives. Works great on glass too!
  • Outdoor Sun Protection is vital if you or your family members burn after exposure. Coconut oil not only smells tropically wonderful, it is also great for our skin with its SPF 5 properties. Natural Mineral Makeup can also be wonderful, adding additional Sun protection and you’ll look great in the yard during cleanup!

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