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By Rudy Arispe 


With identity theft on the rise, businesses and corporations can never be too sure that their customers’ private information, specifically birth dates and Social Security numbers, are safe from hackers. Too often, we read about big name stores or banks, for instance, that have had a breach in their online security which has led to supposedly “secure” documents stolen.

However, Corpus Christi-based File Pro offers a solution to companies to help them with document storage and destruction and out of the hands of identity thieves and hackers.

“Document management covers all types of businesses whether small or large, and businesses have a need to protect and store their documents responsibly,” said Kelley Allen, owner of File Pro, which offers a complete range of services to help secure sensitive business documents.

In addition, File Pro provides comprehensive and cost-effective document management solutions to meet the needs and requirements of a variety of industries, including health care, financial, banking, legal, oil field, and architectural, among others. Services include storing, shredding, commercial shredding, residential shredding, hard drive destruction, and scanning and imaging.

“Anytime you deal with a document, you have to have some way to store it electronically or physically,” Allen said. “We do basic hard paper storage, web hosting, and scanning and document destruction on-site and off-site.”

Allen elaborated, “ File Pro takes documents that are important for customers, protects them and keeps them in compliance, and whenever a customer needs a certain document or a box of documents, we can scan on demand or deliver a physical copy. There are many alternatives and having your documents with us adds an extra layer of protection.”


Just last month, meanwhile, Allen launched a second business, Premier Bio Waste Solutions, that caters specifically to the medical industry and offers medical waste disposal for doctors’ offices, hospitals, minor emergency clinics, nursing homes, and dental offices, to name a few. “We go to your location, pick up your waste and dispose of it for you,” he said.

The idea for Premier Bio Waste Solutions came after Allen said he noticed that doctors and dentists were getting price gouged on their medical waste disposal costs. 

“So I came up with a plan that can bundle their document destruction and medical waste for a fraction of the cost of what some national waste disposal companies are charging,” Allen said. “We’re saving money for our customers.”

Services include disposal of sharp waste, such as medical needles and syringes, suture needles, scalpel blades, insulin needles, blood collection tubes and more.

Both File Pro and Premier Bio Waste Solutions pride themselves on customer service, plain and simple. “Whether I go into a doctor’s office or one of our salespeople, we’re looking to make that office as efficient as possible. This is what makes us stand out from the competition.”

For more information about File Pro or Premier Bio Waste Solutions, call (361) 887-8383 or visit or