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By Jody Joseph Marmel

With more than 25 years of experience as an internal medicine specialist as well as being a board-certified aesthetic medicine physician, Dr. Afia Naqvi is a trusted and highly respected physician for health, wellness, and modern skincare services. Dr. Naqvi offers a plethora of services to enhance physical beauty, health care to improve your quality of life, and performance. “I welcome clients to Renove Medical Spa, a state-of-the-art medical aesthetics clinic in Kingwood, Texas. We have so many different treatment techniques to help you achieve the results you have been looking for. It’s all about inner and outer beauty and overall well-being for each patient so that you can feel better about yourself, physically and mentally.”

After earning her Doctor of Medicine from the Army Medical College National University of Medical Sciences, Dr. Naqvi completed her internal residency training at Wright State University Kettering Medical Center and Good Samaritan Hospital in Dayton, Ohio. Due to the fact that Dr. Naqvi has a passion in medical aesthetics and wellness solutions, she went on to gain additional credentials. Dr. Naqvi is board certified through the American Board of Internal Medicine and the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine.

Throughout her career, Dr. Naqvi has served in several prestigious health care positions, gaining extensive experience in weight loss, hormone balancing, and disease prevention through nutrition. She previously worked as the Medical Director of Diabetes Care Center at Community Hospital in Anderson, Indiana.

“My main goal is to provide the best possible customer service and client satisfaction to each one of my patients,” Dr. Naqvi explains. “I treat every patient the same way that I would treat my family members. Oftentimes, my clients become part of the family at Renove Medical Spa.”

Renove Medical Spa | Kingwood Texas

Dr. Naqvi practices Personalized Medicine. “With more than 25 years of experience as a physician, I integrate Internal Medicine, Functional Medicine, and Aesthetic Medicine in my practice. This way, I can treat the patient from both the inside and outside. I believe that treating the patient in all areas is important. I want each patient to feel healthy and beautiful.” From patient testimonials throughout Texas, it is obvious that Dr. Naqvi achieves excellent results.

Shay C, a patient of Dr. Naqvi, details her experience with the treatments she received at Renove Medical Spa. “As someone in their early 30’s, I have lived with depression, anxiety, mood swings, and an overall sense of emotional instability for many years. I have tried doctors, medicines, counselors, psychologists, and nothing seemed to help. It was like putting a band-aid on something that I couldn’t find the root of. I first heard of Dr. Afia Naqvi when my sister went to see her. The change we saw in my sister was undeniable. I was a little skeptical at first, but I figured that I have tried everything else, so why not. This was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am one month in after my pellet treatment and micronutrient treatment and I can confidently say I have my life back. The depression and anxiety have practically ceased to exist. My mood swings are gone.” She continues. “I highly recommend anyone struggling with symptoms like these to seek this treatment. Dr. Naqvi and her staff are professional, knowledgeable, personable, and very genuine. They truly care about your well-being.”

Another patient on the aesthetic side of the practice details her experience with Dr. Naqvi. “I had a thread lift done a year ago when Dr. Naqvi was working in her Beaumont office and she did a wonderful job. I had seen a cosmetic surgeon before I saw Dr. Naqvi. He said that nothing could be done because of my history of stroke and blood thinners.” She emphasizes how happy she is now. “Dr. Naqvi made me look 10 years younger in a few hours without stopping the blood thinner. I now drive from Beaumont to Kingwood to see Dr. Naqvi and to get my fillers done. I love her beautiful new medical spa in Kingwood, and I love her.”

There are so many more patient testimonials praising the superior skill set that Dr. Naqvi has in all areas of her practice. She moved from Beaumont to Kingwood and Renove Medical Spa has had their doors opened for over a year now.  The services offered cover the body from head to toe. Popular services include Nonsurgical Facelift, Botox and Fillers, Cellulite Reduction, Skin Tightening, Vampire Facial, Laser Hair Removal, Weight Loss, Body Contouring, Intimate Health, Erectile Dysfunction, The P-Shot, The O-Shot, Microneedling, Stem Cell Therapy, PRP, and the non-surgical fat reduction machine-Vanquish-ME as well as more services that can be found on their website. 

Regenerative medicine is a focal point at Renove Medical Spa. As Dr. Naqvi details, “Regenerative medicine is the opposite of degenerative medicine. This includes anti-aging treatments using PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) as well as stem cells. We use regenerative medicine for aesthetics, intimate health, tendinitis, and for joints. We are in fact using the body’s own healing factors.”

Stem Cell Therapy is an innovative and advanced regenerative technique that is being put to good use to address a host of issues. Dr. Naqvi adds, “We are pleased to be a part of this amazing trend. Stem cells truly are one of nature’s miracles. These cells are the building blocks from which all cells are made because of their amazing ability to transform into whatever cell is needed and then multiply indefinitely as that cell.” These marvels tackle everything from hair loss to aching joints. And there is still much to explore in terms of what stem cells may one day accomplish.

“Here at Renove Medical Spa, we take pride in providing our Kingwood, Texas clients with the tools they need to look and feel good inside and out. Stem cell therapy fits the bill in every way by helping our clients find long-lasting natural solutions by tapping the human body’s own powerful resources.”

There are many different types of stem cell therapies, but Dr. Naqvi explains, “The one we use here is from Predictive Biotech, a company that provides us with donor umbilical or placental tissue stem cells from the live birth of a healthy baby. This tissue is thoroughly vetted for safety under the proper regulations, and there is no controversy in using these stem cells since they are donated and would have been disposed of otherwise.”

Renove Medical Spa | Kingwood Texas

To deliver these stem cells, Dr. Naqvi injects them into the treatment area where they immediately go to work to rebuild and repair on a cellular level in the area of the injections. “While we are only scratching the surface of stem cell therapy, we have already had great success in using this regenerative technique to address joint inflammation and pain, soft tissue injuries, post-surgical recovery, hair loss, and erectile dysfunction.”

“We use Corecyte (the stem cells are made from Wharton’s jelly of the umbilical cord),” Dr. Naqvi elaborates further. “This has the highest number of living stem cells (1 cc has 1.5 million stem cells). I inject them into the damaged joint under ultrasound guidance. The stem cells start regenerating the damaged cartilage and within a few weeks, the patients notice relief In pain and enhanced functioning. Many of my patients are able to avoid joint replacement surgeries by using stem cells.”

Rebalancing your hormones with BioTE is another innovative technique that Dr. Naqvi has introduced in Kingwood at Renove Medical Spa. Common signs of low testosterone include reduced sex drive, difficulty getting and maintaining an erection, low semen production, fatigue, loss of muscle and bone mass, increased body fat, mood changes, and memory problems.  

To address these issues in both men and women, Dr. Naqvi measures your hormone levels and develops a plan tailored for each patient. She implants tiny bioidentical hormones pellets underneath your skin. Once in place, these small beads release consistent amounts of testosterone to restore balance in your body. To maintain healthy hormone levels, Dr. Naqvi inserts new pellets every four to six months.

Dr. Naqvi offers regenerative medicine techniques for ED. The Priapus Shot or P-Shot uses a method known as PRP that harnesses the healing properties in your blood. Dr. Tahir Naqvi is the certified P-Shot provider. He is Board Certified Internal Medicine and Board Certified Hematologist/Oncologist with more than 25 years of experience.  He uses PRP or stem cell injections to treat erectile dysfunction. The success rate is more than 90 percent in reversing ED using stem cells. 

Restoring vaginal health with the O-Shot is a female rejuvenation treatment that can also address bladder problems. The O-Shot works by leveraging the regenerative nature of platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) to restore your vaginal health. When injected into specific areas of your body, these high concentrations of PRP can supercharge the healing process, restoring health and vitality to your tissue.

Renove Medical Spa | Kingwood Texas

“To treat issues like urinary incontinence with PRP, we inject your O-Shot directly into the vaginal tissue inside your upper vagina. This triggers the healing process in these areas, resulting in stronger, healthier, and more responsive tissue,” states Dr. Naqvi. In addition to treating urinary incontinence, the O-Shot can address loss of libido, improve the quality and frequency of your orgasms, improve vaginal dryness and laxity, and reduce or eliminate painful intercourse. 

PRP therapy is also used at Renove Medical Spa with microneedling (Vampire Facial) to treat acne scars, fine wrinkles, and to improve the texture of the skin. PRP injections are also given deep in the skin to stimulate the client’s own stem cells and reverse aging. For joint pain and tendinitis, PRP technology is also offered at Renove Medical Spa. 

The non-surgical lunchtime facelift is another very popular procedure that Dr. Naqvi offers. “This is a procedure where my clients see immediate results and leave my office feeling happy and good about themselves. It literally sheds ten years off their age as they walk out.” The Nova Threads also known as polydioxanone threads are placed in targeted areas to lift your skin, which suspends your skin and minimizes sagging. Dr. Naqvi counsels her patients on how to make the Nova Threads lunchtime facelift results last as long as possible.

Vanquish ME is an award winning technology that has been introduced to Kingwood by Dr. Naqvi. “This is the latest generation of contactless fat destroying and cellulite reducing technology. The groundbreaking science behind BTL Vanquish ME uses heat energy to destroy fat cells, forcing them to break apart and flush out through waste.”

BTL Vanquish ME can target your entire midsection-hip to hip-or the entire circumference of your thighs during each treatment. Results are entirely natural, and fat loss is permanent (unless you gain weight in the future). 

Exilis Ultra is head to toe skin tightening that reduces cellulite. Using radiofrequency, “we can get to the cellulite and target specific fat cells in one area. This is what we call to head to toe skin tightening.” 

Besides her emphasis on regenerative medicine, Dr. Naqvi places an important emphasis on functional medicine. “I have seen patients suffering from years of disease and not feeling well. After I evaluate them thoroughly, I do micronutrient testing. It is amazing how fixing that simple deficiency can resolve their disease and make them feel strong and vibrant again.”

Dr. Naqvi explains, “As an example, if a patient has cardiomyopathy, neuropathy, and depression, a regular physician would probably put that patient on heart medications, medication for depression and for nerve pain. But, if that same patient comes to see me, my mind will think about Thiamine deficiency. I will check for this deficiency and if it is evident, then I will replace this simple vitamin and reverse all three symptoms. All of our diseases start at a cellular level and we should not only treat the symptom. We must figure out why we have this symptom and then treat it appropriately.”

Renove Medical Spa has a mission; the mission is to enhance both physical and mental well-being. Dr. Naqvi says, “Our ultimate goal is for each and every one of our patients to maintain good health and happiness. Beauty from inside to beauty on the outside is the key for self-confidence and a healthy state of mind.” Quality of life through natural treatments is the central theme at Renove Medical Spa which brings physical and mental health together to attain the best possible results.

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