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LoneStar Life Sciences | TexMed Ventures-An Investment Network For Physicians That Improves The Quality of Life For Patients

By: Jody Joseph Marmel

LoneStar Life Sciences is a multi-vertical organization with subsidiaries in medical, agriculture, education, software, and real estate. One common thread that ties each LoneStar Life Sciences division together is providing a better quality of life for patients. From treating cancer, to eliminating allergies, to medical research, and to providing fresh, local crops, LoneStar Life Sciences brings proprietary technologies to the forefront for revolutionizing the way we live.

Matthew Attwood, Owner and Founder

Matthew Attwood, Owner and Founder

Matt Atwood, President of LoneStar Life Sciences, has an extensive background in the medical field. He has established a successful career as an innovative sales and marketing leader, award winning keynote speaker, healthcare medical diagnostics specialist and professional educator for corporate sales and management training in the medical field. Atwood has been in both medical manufacturing and medical distribution for over 30 years. Atwood states, “I have been working in the medical cannabis business since 2014, and I have consulted medical cannabis reform and medical applications of cannabis in Colorado, as well as being involved with medical provider education and training. Because of my unique background and perspective, I have seen major mistakes in the roll out of many states under the ‘medical cannabis’ arena, and not one of them has ever done it right. Texas has the opportunity to lead by example with a true medical cannabis platform including doctors and a pharmacy model, instead of following other states blindly with a failed dispensary model.”

Dr. Jude Espinoza

Dr. Jude Espinoza

While discussing LoneStar Life Sciences with Matt Atwood, I realized that he was enlightening me on the future of medicine and how prescription drugs are not always the best answer. In fact, sometimes natural alternatives can supplement or replace medications with no side effects, and that is what Atwood is creating in order to give patients the best quality of life. Prescription medications are used for specific symptoms a patient may have, which could cause side effects. This can create other symptoms, and another prescription; the vicious cycle begins, and the list can be endless. Natural alternatives can bring a great deal of hope and relief; Matt Atwood’s LoneStar Life Sciences is going to be able to offer these “alternatives” to the hundreds of thousands of patients in Texas that are seeking more natural treatments than they have now. Our conversation lead us to talk about all of the vertical components of the company and then Matt Atwood detailed the business component of this revolutionary hops, hemp, and alternative treatments empire. This is where TexMed Ventures enters the picture.

TexMed Ventures is an investment network specifically designed for doctors who want to invest in LoneStar Life Sciences. Patients are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Atwood explains, “We spend more money on healthcare than any other country, yet our health as a nation continues to decline. If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, then our current healthcare system is insane!” Due to the continuing rise of the opioid epidemic (on average, up to 130 people in the United States die from overdose every day), doctors want more alternatives to prescription medications, and patients suffering from pain or other chronic disease like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes are looking for more natural solutions for their health. 

That’s where LoneStar Life Sciences steps in. Atwood elaborates, “We are a multi-vertical company preparing for the future of health and wellness by controlling the quality of raw materials, the medical product development, and the clinical education to back it all up.” 

Dr. Eleanor Duke

Dr. Eleanor Duke

Before they can supply health and wellness products, they have to resource the material. LoneStar AgriTech is the Agriculture vertical for indoor hops, hemp, and as Texas laws become less restrictive, medical marijuana. 

Once resources are available, LoneStar MedTech will supply medical grade products through doctors and pharmacies. “We have a new line that we will be launching of CBD and Xanthohumol in April and we also have a revolutionary allergy platform for humans and pets called AllergyFree and AllergyFree Pets.” 

Before doctors can become familiar or comfortable with LoneStar Life Sciences products, they need to understand the science behind medical grade phytobiotics (plant based medicine). In order for them to learn about “how” these medicines work, they need to learn about the endocannabinoid system (which less than 5% of medical schools offer or even know about). There is a huge gap between what doctors need to know and what they actually know. Atwood states, “We are setting up LoneStar Life Sciences Academy to create a CME training and certification course, as well as launching a new medical cannabis magazine, MD420 in April with MDMonthly. This magazine will be targeted strictly to doctors and patients to teach them about how natural medicines can help patients be proactive with their health as well as offer natural and effective alternative medicines with no side effects.”

Since Atwood and his team had to figure out a way to track everything, LoneStar InfoTech is being developed on a blockchain backbone to track from the plant, to the extracts, to the product made, to the doctor prescribing, the pharmacy shipping, to the patient using and responding to how well the product works for them. 

Lastly, doctors need to be able to escape distractions of their busy lives and “deep dive” into medical conferences to learn more from professional medical researchers, educators, patients and other doctors about alternative medicines with Xanthohumol, CBD and THC. Atwood explains, “We are also setting up our own Medical Association called TexMed Foundation for Compassionate Care.” More will come about this in MD420 when it launches. Stay tuned because a lot is happening in the medical arena at LoneStar Life Sciences which will enhance the quality of life for patients and their caregivers.

The managing partner of TexMed Ventures is Dr. Jude Espinoza, a Cardiologist practicing in San Antonio. Dr. Espinoza explains why he immediately became involved with TexMed Ventures. “TexMed Ventures allows me the opportunity to cultivate dialogue, education, and action in this fast growing medical cannabis and alternative nutraceutical space. Through TexMed Ventures, we hope to bring like-minded physicians a vehicle to invest and participate in this burgeoning market through multiple verticals while improving the patient experience and industry outcomes.”

Dr. Ricardo Castillo, D.O. Family Practice in San Antonio is a founding member of TexMed Ventures. He details why he decided to become an important part of this. “I wanted to be a

Dr. Ricardo Castillo

Dr. Ricardo Castillo

part of a company that offers alternative ways to treat various illnesses apart from the methods currently being used.” He continues, “Being a part of TexMed Ventures allows me the opportunity to be involved in something new and exclusive to physicians.”

Eleanor Duke M.D. is both a Board Certified Doctor of Internal Medicine and a Hospice Physician in San Antonio and she is a founding member of TexMed Ventures. She details the reason why she had to seize the opportunity to be a part of this venture. “First, do no harm. The Hippocratic Oath is the oath that physicians pledge to prescribe only beneficial treatments, according to our abilities and judgment. However, this promise that is made in good faith, seems to be falling at the wayside as the looming storm of the opioid crisis dominates the daily headlines.” She continues, “Once traditional treatments have been exhausted, physicians unanimously agree that very few alternatives are available for chronically ill patients.”

Dr. Duke details that LoneStar Life Sciences and TexMed Ventures “is the light at the end of this dark tunnel. LoneStar is a leading edge company that has a pioneering vision for the future of medicine and public health. In addition, LoneStar has made a commitment to educate both physicians and the community through TexMed Foundation for Compassionate Care and LoneStar Life Sciences Academy.”

Fact: 33 states are allowing some form of medical cannabis.

Fact: Texas House of Representatives and the Senate recently filed bills that would expand the use of medical marijuana for Texans with Disabilities.

Fact: Current Texas law allows for a low amount of THC for the treatment of intractable epilepsy – only. “It is no longer a matter of ‘if’ medical cannabis is coming to Texas. It is simply a matter of ‘when’, and the time is ‘now’!”

Dr. Duke concludes, “LoneStar Life Sciences and TexMed Ventures is the answer for both patients that have lost hope and physicians who are hopeful. The time is now to improve the quality of healthcare by seeking safer alternatives and preparing doctors with the tools and knowledge of alternative options. Most importantly, we must continue to deliver the promise we fervently made- ‘to do no harm’, when we first embarked on this wondrous journey.”

Dr. Wendy Askew

Dr. Wendy Askew

Dr. Wendy Askew, Medical Expert and Editor of MD420, is onboard with TexMed Ventures. Dr. Jude Espinoza, Cardiologist and Managing Partner of TexMed Ventures introduced Dr. Askew to the company and the alternative healthcare LoneStar Life Sciences was going to be able to provide to patients. Since Dr. Askew is a like- minded physician focusing on a holistic and alternative approach to offer to her patients, she was immediately drawn to the company and the philosophies that defined it. Dr. Askew explains, “I started on a more holistic path over the last six years. I am getting away from mainstream medicine because the alternatives work so well, and the results are amazing.

Dr. Askew attended many lectures and conferences on cannabis and also did a lot of online research and took courses so she could give more information to her patients. “To date, I try to be on top of the cannabis medicinal movement because there is scientific evidence that it works, and it is a wonderful alternative to pharmaceuticals. Medicinal cannabis may take some time to become widely accepted, but I want to educate other physicians about the myths and teach them the facts.”

The alternatives are life changing for so many people. Dr. Askew has been using CBD oil for her ten year old daughter to control her asthma and to date, “My daughter is off all of her medications including her inhalers. The CBD oil is a remarkable alternative and I have firsthand proof that this works.”

Being a part of TexMed Ventures, will give Dr. Espinoza, Dr. Castillo, Dr. Duke, and Dr. Askew the platform to help inform their fellow physicians about the vast array of benefits of alternative medicine. It’s time to put the patients’ quality of life at the top and with TexMed Ventures, that is exactly what these physicians are doing. There is room for growth, and other physicians that are interested in helping both the medical community and their patients, should step up and be a part of this innovative company.


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