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By Jody Marmel

Holistic Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Daniel Lee originally went into family practice because he had planned to be a medical missionary in Africa. He explains, “When I realized that was not the best plan for my family, I decided to pursue obstetrics and gynecology to focus on women’s health and surgery. It was the part of family practice that I really enjoyed.” Most recently, Dr. Lee completed a fellowship in general Cosmetic Surgery and became board certified by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery. “There are a handful of reasons that led me to specializing in cosmetic surgery. However, it can be summarized as God taking a middle aged man who once dreamed of living and working in Africa through a great deal of training to become a physician that now has a passion for cosmetic surgery and wellness medicine.” He adds, “I also wanted more time to spend with my family and it was too challenging to do this with both family medicine and obstetrics and gynecology.” The perfect balance of a medical career that helps patients look and feel great combined with quality time with his family is what Dr. Lee chose. And by the rave reviews, Dr. Lee chose very wisely.

Perhaps, the one key word to Dr. Lee’s philosophy at New Life Cosmetic Surgery & Wellness Center is his “holistic” approach to cosmetic surgery. He adds, “I am able to help patients with their wellness, but I am also a strong advocate for patients having cosmetic surgery that will improve their overall function in life.” He gives an example to explain his approach. “Many patients are turned down for tummy tucks because they are overweight. However, I will often perform the surgery if they are healthy because I know it’s only going to improve their life tremendously. It often leads them to feeling more confident in life and improves their exercise capacity. New research is showing that it is safe to do tummy tucks in obese patients that don’t have other major risk factors.” Dr. Lee focuses on both aesthetics and functionality and providing the necessary treatments to his patients so that they can all have the best quality of life. 

After Dr. Lee sold his OB/GYN practice in McAllen, he decided to pursue his dream of being a holistic cosmetic surgeon and he opened New Life Cosmetic Surgery & Wellness Center in McAllen, Texas. Since his OB/GYN practice was called New Life Obstetrics & Gynecology, Dr. Lee wanted to continue with the same brand name for the cosmetic and wellness center. “Whether we are helping our patients with their outside beauty or their wellness, many of our patients feel that we are in fact providing them with a ‘new life’.” The patients have a newfound confidence and an overall sense of well-being and thus the combination makes for a new beginning or a new life. By being able to give his patients these wonderful results, Dr. Lee is certainly living up to the practice’s name and their mission.

Tummy Tuck McAllen

At New Life Cosmetic Surgery & Wellness Center, the mission statement is offering high quality, friendly service in a caring atmosphere. Dr. Lee states, “Our patients are the heart of our practice and the reason that we are here. At all times, our patients are treated with respect, dignity, and compassion. Being of service to our patients is the definition of our purpose in the mission of our practice.”

Dr. Lee details one of the main differences of New Life Cosmetic Surgery & Wellness Center’s practices. “We offer the patients not only an improvement of their appearance, but an overall improvement of their health. If a patient needs to lose 40 pounds prior to their tummy tuck, instead of sending them to a weight loss center, we personally develop a weight loss program for them.” In the same vein, a women in her forties who is seeking  a mommy makeover surgery after having all of her children, but she also shares on the patient questionnaire that she has no energy and has been gaining weight, Dr. Lee can not only perform a mommy makeover with excellent results, but he can also help her with her hormone optimization which leads to improvement of her overall well-being.

There are other unique aspects at New Life Cosmetic Surgery & Wellness Center. Emphasis on using Inmode’s BodyTite/ FaceTite/ AccuTite platform for subdermal radiofrequency skin tightening has been an amazing innovative platform. “I use it everywhere from the vulva to the face for skin tightening. We are the busiest office in the Rio Grande Valley using this platform.”

Dr. Daniel Lee

Dr. Lee trademarked a procedure called D’Sculpt. This is a procedure that uses three different techniques to achieve the best results for a well-defined body. “I am using Emsculpt, the latest technology in non-invasive muscle building and fat burning with liposuction and BodyTite. This allows me to sculpt away the fat, tighten the loose skin that remains, and finally build the muscle and reduce the superficial fat layer. The end result is a youthful, toned look to the abdomen, low back, and buttock regions.”

Dr. Lee is using multiple devices to help build and sculpt the body. Most practices are just addressing one component. At New Life Cosmetic Surgery & Wellness Center, they are using all three devices in combination to get the defined body that most patients are hoping for. 

With Dr. Lee’s experience as an Obstetric/Gynecologist, he also emphasizes vaginal rejuvenation. A lot of women may feel uncomfortable talking about this, but the fact is that as women grow older, hormones need to be adjusted, or certain surgical and other non-invasive techniques can be performed to enhance their private lives. This adds extra value to the patients that are looking for help in hormone replacement or rejuvenation options and in turn, this enhances their self-confidence as well as their personal lives.

Being a Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Lee specializes in procedures and surgeries from the neck to the female genitalia. Having a plethora of experience in obstetrics and gynecology, he strongly believes in cosmetic gynecology surgery if a patient seeks him out and wants help for a multitude of reasons. Dr. Lee personally sees all of the cosmetic surgery patients at New Life Cosmetic Surgery & Wellness Center. “This is a big deal for the patients. It’s the time off, the money spent, and it’s typically something that they might have been thinking about for years. I believe that my patients need to understand everything going into a surgery and they need to know all about the post-surgery recovery time as well. And, I make sure that I am there to answer every question my patients have.”

Dr. Daniel Lee

While on the topic of his patients, it is noteworthy that several of his patients write wonderful reviews about Dr. Lee’s services. As a matter of fact, you can find many of these reviews online. 

Erica Rios says, “Both Dr. Daniel Lee and the staff are amazing. I had a wonderful experience with them and would definitely recommend them to anyone. From beginning to end, communication was great. The office was nice and clean. Most of all, they make you feel comfortable while in their care. I love my results and so does my husband.”

Sylvia Granados loved the results of her surgery so much and evidently so did several members of her family who also became patients of Dr. Lee. She elaborates, “I am so grateful to New Life Cosmetics. Having a doctor who listens to you and a staff who really cares for you made the pre-operation, operation, and post operation such a smooth and peaceful experience. Recovery? I was back in no time. I only needed 24 hours after my procedure to be back to playing with my kids again.” Granados continues, “I’m six weeks post op and I am loving my results. Dr. Lee really did capture exactly what I was looking for. My mother, myself, and my aunt have had our procedures with Dr. Lee, and we are over the moon!”

At New Life Cosmetic Surgery & Wellness Center, the most popular services include the aforementioned plus the MedSpa, Breast, Body, and Face.  For a menu of the services offered, visit

Dr. Lee adds, “We see cosmetic patients from 21 to 75 years old. Last month, I did a tummy tuck on a very healthy 75 year old female who is extremely pleased with the results.” He explains, “We see both men and women for hormone optimization management. I have both men and women in their seventies on hormone optimization plans and they feel like they are in their fifties.”

Being a leader in women optimization in the Rio Grande Valley, Dr. Lee was practicing this approach as an OB/GYN prior to 99 percent of the other RGV physicians who have most recently realized the significant impact it can have on patients. “I am glad that there are so many more providers now helping the thousands of patients that can benefit from hormone optimization.”

Being triple board certified, Dr. Lee is able to meet his patients at another level than most other general cosmetic surgeons. Due to his extensive training, he has a wealth of knowledge and experience that he shares with his patients. Dr. Lee says, “I have a lot of patients that want to focus not only on their outside beauty, but also on improving their lifestyle, weight management, exercising more, and eating healthier. I feel very comfortable talking to my patients about all of these topics. At New Life Cosmetic Surgery & Wellness Center, we set our patients on a plan that will help them reach their goals. And, we encourage them along the path to wellness.”

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